that kid in pink chucks

that kid in pink chucks
sunday, 5:15am.

sunday, 5:15am.





never love a wild thing. #moviemarathon

never love a wild thing. #moviemarathon

its 9pm and i feel invincible.

its 9pm and i feel invincible.



#ootd whats up.

#ootd whats up.



in my robe, reading a book, drinking organic milk, listening to dr hooks better love next time kind of morning. wht in the world is happening to me.

in my robe, reading a book, drinking organic milk, listening to dr hooks better love next time kind of morning. wht in the world is happening to me.

hello new plymouth.










It’s funny because if there the letters w and o were in front of men, this would have a million notes. With tens of thousands of people saying terribly awful it is.

Let that sink in a little.

It is not a competition of who has it worse, man or woman. The goal should be to stop it entirely, quit being fucking ignorant, grow up.

wth this is absolutely vile

They should be ashamed of themselves

Goddammit, okay, guys and gals, you can have feminist views. That’s fucking great, everybody should be equal. Everybody.

But this is just straight up bullshit. These women aren’t feminists; they are dicks. They are trying to ruin the lives of men who did nothing. And no, not all guys are assholes and cheaters. EVERYBODY HAS THE CAPACITY TO DO BAD SHIT. Being a bad person is an equal opportunity job. 

I agree with the first comment. Stop trying to put others down to raise yourself. If you truly believe in equality, then stop being childish and be a decent human being.

WTF who even are those people? (The ones in the pics, not the posters)

So yes this happens to men too, but it’s not about who treats each other worst, it’s about learning that we need to just be decent humans and treat each other better regardless of gender, race, social class, political party, religion, etc.

I want to say this right now, remember this when you say things like “Misandry isn’t real” or “There are no such thing as women who fake rape” The sad thing is that these women are doing something horrible to every woman who just wants to be treated like an equal they are making it easy for people to be skeptical, they are making it easy for people to say that “she’s just looking for attention” or “She just wants to be the victim”. It’s fucking ridiculous and hurts people who are ACTUAL VICTIMS! Yes I said it. ACTUAL VICTIMS. If you don’t agree with me than just unfollow me.

they are dicks


at first i felt disgusted of how anyone would fake their own rape, even more using it as a weapon to one up another person. then i realize what im feeling is much more than anger, i feel sad. this is just heartbreaking. to know there are other people out there, real rape victims who feels belittle and ridicule once again that some people use rape as an excuse and as a weapon, like its nothing. I JUST WANT TO SAY SORRY TO ALL THE REAL VICTIMS OF RAPE. i dont know why but i feel u deserve an apology.

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Alright so im going to do a massive giveaway because i hit 4000 followers (how did i hit this many omfg?!?)
Ive done a few giveaways but this is the first k-pop one I’ve ever done! So since I will have a loan of my student load left, and I will also have birthday money, when this giveaway is over, I decided to treat my amazing, beautiful followers to a giveaway!

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Ok so since this is a giveaway for my followers so you have to follow me. I mean you can unfollow me after the giveaway but i would really appreciate it if you didnt because thats kind of a poopy thing to do. So yeah i would appreciate the follow (follow me here) ^^

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The Rules

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please note people outside of europe: if you win the package may take 2 weeks or more to reach you (since international shipping sucks ass)

This giveaway ends on 18th May (mine and Taeyangs birthday aww yiss) so that give you guys plenty of time to enter! Please enter because i have spent a heap of money on this giveaway lmao (thank god i saved some of my student fund)

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